Decoding Different Types of Manicures for Amazing Nails

Decoding Different Types of Manicures for Amazing Nails

Today, there are so many options for manicures, more than ever,and when you walk into a salon, it can be confusing to choose one from an overwhelming list. Most of the people chose from the basic types of manicure and then prefer to get add-ons that add more intensity to work. If you don’t know about the different types of manicures, this article will help you learn better about them and pick out the right ones for you.

Has it ever happened to you that you’re among a group of friends and when they start talking about manicures you feel like you’ve no clue what’s going on? Well, if it has, then it’s time to learn some new names from the nail world! Also, you can check out the website of The Cuddl for fantastic nail designs:

Basic manicure

If you’re new to the manicure process, you can start off with a basic, which uses the regular nail polish. The nail technician will apply cream/lotion/oil on your cuticles and make you soak your fingers in a bowl of warm water. After this, the skinsare pushed back,and the nails are cut and filed according to the length and shape you desire. Once this is done, you will get a relaxing finger massage after which a base coat will be appliedto your nails. Two layers of colored nail polish go over it and then a transparent top coat to seal the deal.


Gel manicure lasts longer than any other type of manicure,and you can artificially lengthen your nails with the help of the gel nail polish much like the acrylic manicure. However, gel nails require minor maintenance when compared to acrylic. The gel nail polish is sculpted over your nails and cured under a UV light to get robust and bullet-proof nail coat. The rest of the manicure procedure is the same as above.


Acrylic manicure involves a mixture of acrylic powder which is a polymer and glue which is a monomer. This mixture is applied on top of your natural nails,and it can add length to your nails as well as protect your nails from damage. Acrylic nails are a bit high maintenance since you may need to do touch-upsevery few days and re-filling every few weeks. However, they stay on for a more extended period when compared to gel nails.

DIP powder

These are not artificial nails like gel or acrylic ones. After the base coat, you dip your finger in a little jar of pigmented powder which gives the color to your nails. The powder layer is then sealed by a top coat that is transparent. Since this manicure is done on your natural nails, it is prone to breakage and chipping off if you do not take care of it well.


Shellac is not as hard as a gel,and it is a hybrid of gel and regular nail polish. The name Shellac is the trademark of CND, the company who invented and registered this particular series of nail polish. It will need curing under UV light just like the gel nails.

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