Best way to get the Acrylic Nails at home

Best way to get the Acrylic Nails at home

Today we are very happy after a weekend full of work and to meet many of you, also very excited because today I bring you a much-requested tutorial and they ask me wherever I go. As you saw in the title, it is a step-by-step tutorial on natural acrylic nails with tips for beginners.They are for beginners because I will show step by step for people who do not have any knowledge on this subject; it can even serve you if you already know this technique to perfect each step. We used the acrylic nail kit, which contains all the basic products to make these nails, such as monomer, acrylic powder, tips, resin, protein sealer, finishing cleaner, acrylic shine, file and brush for acrylic. See

If you are wondering if acrylic nails damage the natural nail, the answer depends!! Of what? Of the application. What you should avoid is to file more, at the time of filing, try to spend only once on the same surface of the nail, always take care of your cuticles that the acrylic does not touch and perform the step by step correctly to avoid any problem , a bad application can generate fungi or infections. All the application techniques are divided into 3 parts: preparation, application and finishing.

  1. Preparation: the first step is to file the nail, remove the length to avoid leaks and possible fungus, then file the surface of the nail with the file 150 to remove the shine and fat of the nail and create grip, the next step is to choose and paste the tip with the resin (use a tip that fits the size of the nail and file a little if necessary), then cut the length with the help of a short tips. To ensure the adherence of the acrylic on the nails, apply two coats of pH levelling agent or protein sealer only on the natural nail (although nothing happens if you touch the tip). Have a look at the Acrylic Nails
  2. Application: for the application of acrylic, use a kolinsky pixel (this brush has natural bristles), take the brush and moisten it with the monomer in a glass cup, then take it to the powder and take a pearl towards you. The basic application of acrylic is called the technique of the three pearls and consists of placing the first pearl in the center of the nail called tension area, the second pearl we place it in the cuticle area without touching it and the third one in the free edge, we distribute each pearl to the sides and we sweep towards the free edge and the cuticle area.
  3. Finished: once the nail is finished in acrylic, proceed to file to the desired finish, use the finishing cleaner to remove excess dust, apply protein sealer in the cuticle area and finally apply the acrylic shine (no need lamp) or gel shine (if you need a lamp), moisturize with cuticle oil and go! For queries see

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