A guide to crowdfunding for an event

A guide to crowdfunding for an event

Planning an online crowdfunding campaign to go hand in hand with an offline event may seem like a daunting feat to those who are new to the world of crowdfunding India. But the truth is that combining your online efforts such that they will maximize and improve your offline activities is actually the best way forward. On the Impact Guru crowdfunding website, we have a bunch of fundraising ideas for first time crowdfunders. Crowdfunding for an event is among the top ones in that list. Now ‘event’ may sound like a vague and broad term – but that’s just what it is. You can raise money online for just about any type of event, be it a film screening, a marathon, a workshop, a sports event, a fundraiser, an exhibition, or a performing arts show. That said, campaigners who’re raising money for an event need to double their efforts because in the crowdfunding world, it is medical, nonprofit, and educational campaigns that see the most traction. So we’ve created a short guide to help you make your event crowdfunding campaign stand out and become successful.  

Start planning early on

If you know the type of event you’re organizing, then get down to the smallest of details such as shortlisting places to host it, a guest list, activities, staff, food & beverages, tickets, transport, security, and everything else that may be relevant to your event. By doing so, you’ll be able to plan a budget and know exactly how much money you need to raise through your online crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru.

Pick the right crowdfunding platforms in India

As we mentioned earlier, you can have an event for just about anything under the sun, in any category and any field. That said, you must pick a crowdfunding platform that specializes in the category that you’re raising funds for. For instance, if you’re organizing a medical workshop or conference, choosing a platform such as Impact Guru, who’ve hosted maximum medical campaigns on their platform, would be a good idea.

Leverage social media

If you can leverage the influence of social media to promote your fundraising event, it will bring you lot of attention from the right audiences. Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+. Exploit the possibilities of sharing, liking, and hashtagging. Another alternatives is to contact bloggers. They can be considered as journalists of the internet age. With the large number of followers that bloggers have, you can surely make your fundraising event gain a lot of positive attention.  

Offer rewards and incentives

Offer rewards to donors who contribute maximum to your online campaign. Rewards can be in the form of free tickets to your event, a meet and greet with an influential person, or even a free gift. This will encourage more people to participate in your online fundraising activities.

Collaborate with influencers

A valuable and respected spokesperson is a very unique way to break a story. Your spokesperson should ideally be an influential personality who has the ability to draw attention to him or herself. This could be a celebrity that endorses your cause, a sportsman, or a politician. As long as your spokesperson is articulate and able to convey the key message to the right press, it will add value to your campaign.

For your next crowdfunding India campaign with Impact Guru, be sure to employ these tips to promote your event.

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