4 women’s watches that will suit any attire

4 women’s watches that will suit any attire

Women love their watches, and so do the brands who manufacture them. The watches that are designed today signify the bold, progressive, and modern women and each of the designs available today cater to this purpose. A watch is more than just an accessory as it gives your outfit the much need elegant touch. With so many designs available in watches online , it is easy to get lost as to what would suit you with a particular outfit and what wouldn’t and thus to lessen your confusion we have come up with the list of the watches that would go perfectly with any attire. Acquaint yourself with them and read further to know more on each of these elegant pieces:

  • Fossil Jacqueline Leather Watch

Fossil is a well-known name in the women’s watches and especially the ones which come with the leather strap. The Jacqueline watch in particular is available in at least 14 different styles and colors which can be picked according to the client’s personal taste and these colors are not the usual ones that you find and instead come with a quirky blend and a royal touch. It is not a waterproof watch and is suitable for formal occasions. It comes with an interchangeable 14 mm strap along with numerals and rose gold case.

  1. Olivia Burton Women’s Enchanted Garden

Women love floral design and this watch is the one that would offer you with the best among this. The minimalist design of this watch comes with a 38 mm dial with a navy coloured strap. In addition to that, it comes in a gold-plated casing and is available in lighter colours as well if you are looking for variation. The dial of this watch is engraved with flowers which take its elegance level to par.

  1. Daniel Wellington

The Daniel wellington watches have suddenly grown into popularity due to their classic and simplistic design which is loved by all. They come in leather, metal, and nylon bands. These are perfect for any occasions – be it formal or casual and are somewhat affordable as well. They also have the Nato strap which is one of their unique features. In this, the nylon strap come in two tones and are available in five different colour combinations. As the straps are interchangeable, you can always purchase some extra ones so that the watch can be worn in different ways. All in all, you definitely need to give their watches a try as they are an epitome of sophistication and simplicity.

  1. Mondaine Evo Petite

The bold and understated design of the Mondaine Evo Petite watches is something that would make you fall for it instantly. The dial and the numbers on the watch are inspired from the Swiss railway clock. It is available in a leather strap which is available in a variety of colors although the striking red one is the most popular among all of them.  It comes in a 26mm casing and is perfect to be worn on a women’s hand. As the design is simplistic and classy, the watch can be worn with almost any kind of attire.

Well, these were the four of the most elegant women’s watches that would go with any attire and would give the desired elegance and sophistication. By choosing the right watch for a particular occasion you can always ditch the excess accessories or jewellery as the former would provide you the classic look without making any efforts. At last, you must definitely try these above-mentioned watches for once and you would surely let lured in buying them for yourselves.

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