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Sunglass and eyewear manufacturers expect their buyers to provide them with a detailed set of product specifications. Sunglasses are highly customizable, for example the same design (i.e., frame mold) can be made using different types of materials and components. The selected materials and components are key factors in setting the unit cost.

The future of custom sunglasses is here, and you’re the designer. You can upload your own images and designs to customize your sunglasses and create a pair of China sunglasses you can truly call your own.

Disoglasses is a custom sunglasses company built on the philosophy of coloring outside the lines. Inspired by change and fueled by creativity, Disoglasses’ innovative custom sunglasses design platform puts you in control. From customizable patterns and designs, to full upload functionality, you are only a few clicks away from creating a pair of custom China sunglasses that you can truly call your own.

Most times, people wonder why sunglasses customization is restricted to selecting predetermined, limited color options for frames and lenses. In an advanced world of mass customization and mass personalization, why are sunglasses left behind? Disoglasses sunglasses manufacturers and suppliers from China demands more – much more – and is set out to revolutionize custom sunglasses and forever change the way you shop for eyewear.

Disoglasses’ production methods allow you to create custom sunglasses individually produced to your personal design specifications. This is the future of custom sunglasses. Design control is now in your hands – come color outside the lines with Disoglasses.

Disoglasses offers custom China sunglasses you can truly call your own. Each pair is individually crafted with your design permanently imaged in high definition color and features. Their Premium lenses are available in standard, mirror, and polarized options.

Disoglasses custom sunglasses configuration is designed to give you the best digital representation of your sunglasses prior to being individually produced to your design specifications. Minimal discrepancies may exist from the image you see on your monitor to the actual pair of custom sunglasses, including color shade and/or placement of design. Your custom sunglasses will be completed and shipped within few business days of your order being placed. You’ll be able to select the perfect one for you during checkout.

At Disoglasses, they are sunglasses enthusiasts with a passion for innovation. They focus on the personal needs of every individual when making custom China sunglasses.

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