What is the psychology behind gifting?

As the gift season approaches everybody’s attention including the gift sellers are focussed and crazy about choosing the best gifts for their loved ones. Exchange of gifts forms the important part in festive seasons. But more than that, do you know that gift giving also gives you enormous psychological benefits? Gift giving is a universal medium to express interest, gratitude and appreciation including strengthening the relationship and bond between each other. If you analyse the act of gift giving beginning from gift searching to wrapping and giving, you find the entire process very emotional and personal. Often people say that gift giving is better than receiving which further leads to a phenomenon that gift- giving is an unselfish act relating to the well being of others. When you give the gifts without any expectations of getting back anything in return, you are improving your psychological health. Select your best gifts from Concept Plus produits promotionnels for gifting your dear ones and develop your psychological health.

You feel enormously satisfied when you look the happy and smiling face of the gift receiver after you give the gift. Giving of gifts further reinforces acknowledgement and appreciation of each other. However, the expression of feelings depends on the relationship between the gift receiver and the giver. If the expression of feelings is between two friends it makes thoughtful, and if is between romantic relationship, they may be more sentimental. Sometimes, gift giving is also an act of repentance toward reducing guilt feeling. This generally happens when you receive a gift from far away places. 

Now a days, getting gifts from far away places has become easier because of internet. It adds an extra emotion because you are not at the place with the person who has given you the gift. As per psychology, if you do something positive you also attract positive. People give not to receive anything in return. But you do something good with an expectation that something good will happen to you. You will find very people in your segment who give you without any expectation in return. They give unanimously. Bu the majority of givers have an innate desire of getting when they give. This desire for getting may not be for a gift. 

Psychologists are not the only group of people to understand the emotional and mental status as well as benefit of giving gifts. You can find plenty of advertisements during the festive seasons with creative and theoretical descriptions and analytical advertisements which explains the psychological the benefits of giving.

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