What Is Full Print Printing?

The world of textile customization is quite unknown to many people. One of the questions we ask the most is this: what is full print? The full print sublimation, also known as all stamping over, is a method using the entire surface of the garment for printing. This way, you don’t have to adjust to a specific area in the front or rear.

Advantages Of Full Print Printing

  1. One of the great points in favor of the complete sublimation of t-shirts is that it serves to create striking and designs without limit of colors. And it is that you can literally stamp any image, photographs included.
  2. Another highly appreciated advantage is that custom full print t-shirts remain fully breathable. In addition, all over printing is not erased or deteriorated with washes: the ink melts chemically with the fabric and is permanently fixed.
  • Continuing with its advantages, one of our favorites is that this type of printing leaves no touch on the garment. That is why all over t-shirts have a very nice touch.

How Do You Sublimate A Full Shirt?

First of all, you must have a design with good quality and high resolution. In this way, you will achieve the best result when you want to design your own polo shirts. If you bring a low resolution and pixelated design, the shirts will not be optimal.

Once you have the design, you print it on a special paper that is ironed on the customizable t-shirts. Through pressure and heat, the design is transferred to the fabric of the garment.

The full-color design will be embodied in sublimated shirts, from the neck to the bottom. In the case of the t-shirts, we use the ready-made full print: first, the different parts of the shirt are sublimated, and then they are sewn for a perfect result.

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