Top Choices of Western Formal Dresses You Can Wear

How to look gorgeous even when you have to wear a formal dress? It’s pretty simple. The formula is to add a trending look with the best signature formal dresses you can find online. You will never have to violate the dress code in an office yet will be able to flaunt the best styles to rock the floor.

Top Trending Formal Dresses for Women

Previously, ethnic wear was supposed to be formal for Indian women. These days, the ideology is changing as the professionals are now adding a western twist to their formal attire. Here is the list of best clothing items you can find among formal dresses and add to your collection.

  • Pleat Dress

Pleat dresses are considered to be one of the best formal dresses one can wear in an office. It is easy to wear and maintain throughout the office hours without any hassle. In fact, you can also wear this dress in an office party and maintain a sober image. The pleats in the design make it a beautiful ensemble to carry and impress everyone in a meeting with your presence. All you need is to choose the right color as per your skin tone and hairstyle. The rest will be history. Choose the length of this dress accordingly and make sure that your physical attributes are complemented well.

  • Executive Attire

You are wondering what this executive attire means. This is one of the classiest western dresses we are going to understand. Adding a perfect blouse on a beautiful knee-length skirt is the best dress you can wear in an office. The top part of this ensemble you choose must pair well with the bottom in terms of color and patterns. You can go sleeveless or adorn full sleeve designs depending on your physique. Just make sure that you add a proper pair of shoes with this dress.

  • Shirt Dress

A bit inclined to the casual side, the shirt dress can be a perfect choice for comfortable office time. You will find elegant designs in the online collections with beautiful neutral colors to adore. For instance, a Grey shirt dress extending to your knees paired with a black or white pair of shoes will be quite beautiful for your office attire. If you feel cold, you can add a blazer on this shirt dress and stay comfortable. Choose a proper sleeve length and look classy.

  • Floral Printed Knee Length Gown

This might be an ideal addition to your collection of formal dresses. A simple and chaste floral printed knee length gown can make you look younger, as well as, confident at the same time. Make sure that the floral print you have chosen is not too beach-oriented. Add flat ballerinas with this dress to look adorable.


It is time to make a change. Be bold and choose western dresses that you can wear them in your office. Bring a change that everyone will b able to follow and break the stereotypes without offending any code.

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