Top 5 Outfits That Can Make Men Look Hot

A usually listless guy suddenly enters the room wearing a bomber jacket with a pair of ripped off jeans looking nothing short of a supermodel out of the ramp and you begin to wonder, what happened? What brought this change?

Well, it’s probably because he has got access to the nerve of the fashion or those timeless pieces of clothing which suddenly made him look irresistibly hot in his new avatar.  

Don’t believe us yet? Here’s is our exclusive list of top 5 must haves which can may any guy look dapper!

  • Leather Jackets:

Even if you have lived off your life in tees and cut pants [สั่งตัดกางเกง, which is the term in Thai] a mere pairing them up with a nice black leather jacket has got the power to transform you into the most stylish and handsome guy in the room.

Sneaker or leather boots further help complete the look.

  • Bomber Jackets:

If you want to look sophistically cool then bombers are for you. Once worn exclusively by the fighter pilots, these have managed to dig deep into the men fashion scene.

From the solid coloured and printed cotton iterations to the high-end leather versions, bombers have evolved extensively over time.  

  • Well fitted Suit:

Nothing can make a man look sexierier than a well-tailored suit and we even don’t have to tell you why.

Invest in a quality material having a right shoulder fit and get your sleeves and pants tailored. Don’t forget to save your suit with a sleek undershirt though.

Alone suits are not enough to complete the look, you also need to invest in quality dress shirt, shoes and belt to pull off a stunner.

  • Long Overcoats:

Overcoats in the shades of Navy, Black, Tan and even Dark Grey can instantly lift you style making you look suave. Even wearing an overcoat is high on trend.

A good overcoat is extremely versatile and hence can go perfectly well with the professional as well as casual outfits both.

  • Ripped Jeans:

Cut pants are in vogue and they are here to stay. From Kanye West to Justin Theroux and Scott Disick, almost all Hollywood celebrities are known to carry ripped jeans as part of their casual everyday attire.

Distressed jeans with a plain white tee and leather jacket is all that you need to make the heads turn.

So stuff your closet with these suave outfits now and get ready to kill with your looks every day.

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