The Work Of An Eye Cream

For every part of the human body, there is a particular cream for it. There is a cream for the body, a cream for the hand, a cream for the foot, a cream for the face, even a cream for the eyes, and a lot more. Of all these, the most paranormal is the eye cream. One may wonder, what is the Work of an eye cream?

While the eye cream and face moisturizers are quite similar, the eye creams vary in some ways. The Eye cream (อายครีม, which is the term in Thai) focuses on those spots under the eye, such as the puffiness and the dark circles. The Eye creams are lightweight formulas that enhance exquisite applications.

The same way the foot creams are designed to focus on thick and rough skins, the eye creams are designed to target the under-eye problems.

What The Eye Cream Does

It Helps In Reducing The Puffiness Of The Under The Eye

The under area of the eye contains thin skins, which is the most thin skin on the human body. The puffiness of the under-eye occurs when one undergoes a stressful condition. The puffy eye triggers could be:

  • A lack of sleep
  • A change in diet
  • A great intake of salt
  • A physical stress

Excellent eye cream helps in tackling these under-eye swellings. Active constituents such as caffeine aids in constricting the blood vessels, and helps in reducing the puffed up spot.

It Helps In Lightening The Dark Spot Under The Eye

While some late-night might not disturb other parts of the body, it would be visible in the eyes. These dark circles under the eye commonly come up when one deprives himself/herself of sleep, which in turn arouses blood deoxygenation. Well-oxygenated blood tend to be pure red, but when deoxygenated, it tends to be dark, most times appearing black. An excellent under-eye cream includes constituents which:

  • Brighten up the skin by promoting microcirculation
  • Hydrate the skin to minimize transparency
  • Enhances skin resilience by triggering the production of elastin and collagen

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