The Stronghold Of A Foundation overdraws the Ambiguity Of Cosmetics

The pro-concealer lot of the crowd concur that they like how a foundation smells or the way they could rub off on your clothes leaving patches or them so inconspicuous, unlike the subtle and stealthy concealers. But the mind is subject to change so is the myth around the miracle of using foundations under your make up. The new belief is that foundation if correctly used allows the complete elimination of using concealer at all.

The new experimented makeup ritual as told by experts

The purpose is not to advocate a full face covered and slathered by the foundation. But the basic rule if subtle skin makeup! Where it is the most needed. Most make up users are almost in a sort of denial about the product. Sometimes a certain individual needs more coverage as in the likes of beautifully freckled people. The pigmentation issue is not uncommon especially around certain areas of the cheek and the nose which has more blotched redness comparatively. Foundations are way lighter than concealers hence require less quantity to be used which in return allows a much less caky artificial base and a very good natural finish or a smooth canvas for other products.

How the foundation serves as a dual purpose.

Foundations can be sheer but they are so very buildable. And they can perform well for a cover and as a concealer. The duality of it is very attractive much like the Foundation NYX[รองพื้น nyx, which is the term in Thai] to many experts to say the least. Very careful application indeed provides a larger coverage on the problem areas.

The best way to use the foundation to use a brush.

The brush versus make up sponge debate has been going for long creating much confusion. But undoubtedly the brush does a better job. A smaller, sleek concealer brush that blends and covers into the skin where the technique comes out the best if one chooses the right type of foundation for everyone has a unique skin type and that can’t be stressed enough.


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