The single most important thing you need to know about the pics of your wedding

The possibilities of ruining pictures are endless. There are so many things that can go wrong that the best thing would be to call a pro and forget about the whole do-it-yourself idea. After all, we are talking about the pictures of one of the most important days of your life.

What’s going on at a wedding?

Several things are going on at a wedding. There is the chance of having a whole series of pictures of behind the scene events, such as the interaction of the bride and groom as coordinators of the main event and the children getting ready to participate in the ceremony. There are also some things going on in the main area of the venue, guests coming and going, the bride and groom dancing, the beautiful background to have pictures with family members.

And, let’s not forget about the pictures taken after everything is over. The post-wedding pictures can be fun and can also be challenging for many photographers. As you can see, there are many angles and areas filled with life when a wedding is taking place.

The best strategy

In simple words: hire a professional team. You will have a guarantee of great pictures to show to friends and family later. Check out to read more about this. Besides, there is something extra that you need to know when dealing with wedding pictures, posing!

Poses are not easy to master, and this is an invaluable piece of the equation in a good photo. There is a lot to learn about flattering the bodies displayed in the picture. Some people know a few good poses that flatter their body, and they stick to it, but this is not common. In a wedding, there are so many guests that it is almost impossible to have them all in great poses. After realizing how important this is you will see that posing becomes something natural

With a confident and professional photographer, people will feel more at ease if they have to follow directions on how to pose. They will trust the photographer and feel more comfortable during the whole photo shoot process. Some couples feel that the photos have to be candid and they avoid talking about poses. They might think that posing is something artificial, totally linked to uncomfortable positions and stiff bodies. Candids, on the other hand, are informal pictures, usually taken without the person knowing, but, is this really what a couple wants?

It could be that the couple just wants photos that feel relaxed, with natural expressions. Although these pictures are not easy to get. Some of the best pictures, where the couple seems relaxed and happy, are poses well directed and executed.

What’s the photographer’s job?

They have to make every person at the wedding appreciate his or her own beauty in the pictures.  Every single guest, child, pet, or family member at the wedding is beautiful, but some of them don’t know that yet. Having a portrait taken can be a vulnerable moment for any of them, alone or with their significant other. The photographer needs to use all the tools available to showcase the beauty of every single individual that steps in front of the camera.

Some rules are meant to be broken

Professionals have a strong foundation on all the angles, poses and tricks that flatter the guests and make photos amazing. Once they have this knowledge, they can break the rules and have fun with perspective and angles to have a more dynamic photo shoot. The artistic choice behind breaking the rules is more important than the rules themselves. Some movement can be added with blurry effects, or focus can be manipulated to show some particular piece of the frame.

Nevertheless, it is always important to keep a communication channel open between the photographer and the couple. It is important to remember that the rules cannot get in the way of the connection with the couple. After all, it is their moment, and they want to live it fully. Spontaneity, creativity, and fun are some of the most important ingredients a professional photographer has to have.

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