Tank tops are more than an undershirt

Tank tops commonly known as sleeveless shirts are one of the popular clothing items. Tank tops are worn by either gender. The men’s tank tops and women tank tops are used as undershirts. However, it is not necessary to use them only as an undershirt. Tank tops are commonly used by athletes and sportsmen. People prefer wearing tank tops during summer because of the unbearable heat. However, they can be worn throughout the year. You can wear tank top with a combination of jackets and jeans. It can also be used as a night suit by pairing it with a pajama.

Things to remember before wearing a tank top

  • Fitting: Tank tops like any other t-shirts should reach just below the belt loops. It should not be sticking to your body. The tank top must be half an inch lose from your body.
  • Summer wardrobe: Tank tops are generally used in summer to fight the humidity. However, for that to happen make yourself fit for the wardrobe. Use graphic print tank tops with colour blocking to make them perfect summer wear. Printed shirt [เสื้อ พิมพ์ ลาย, which is the term in Thai] is the latest trend.
  • Not limited to beach: Use of tank tops is not limited to the beach. You can simply wear a tank top by layering with a jacket or overshirt to give you a classy look.

Places you can wear tank tops

  • Workplace: Tank tops are preferred clothing item of women at the workplace. It can be worn with a blazer, cardigan, etc.
  • Exercise: Tank tops are athletic clothing items and hence, can be used during exercise sessions. They make movement easy and comfortable when exercising.
  • Daily wear: Tank tops are a perfect choice for a daily wear. You can wear them while doing various house errands.

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