How Makeup Freelancers Find Clients

Love for creativity and cosmetics is a combination that can be a real and well-paid dream job. Girls and guys who know the beauty trends and create authentic makeup artwork can have good earnings in this business, but only when they reach the level that clients schedule an appointment for months in advance.

As in every business, those who do their job in a dedicated and professional manner will always have enough clients. It’s not easy to become a freelance makeup artist, but it is not impossible to learn. Of course, you need talent, but the work, education, and constant improvement of your skills can make everyone an expert.

Educate Yourself

Putting on makeup every day, for all kinds of occasions, can make you a expert. Practice makes perfection, right? But for customers to notice you at all and for you to become competitive in the world of makeup artists, you will need formal education and certificate. High-quality cosmetics education is the first sign to your clients that they are in the hands of a professional.


Sound names from the world of professional makeup can be of great help as mentors. However, people who do fashion makeup shootings, and for who you probably didn’t hear of can be experts in their job too. Get in touch with them and ask about everything you are interested in. You can offer them your help as an assistant (be ready to do that for free. Through your work with them, you can show your talent to potential clients.

Present Your Portfolio

The best way to present all your previous work to clients is photos or videos. You can create a traditional portfolio, in the form of albums or prospectuses that you will show to clients at the spot. Professional photos presented in a well-designed form can showcase the full potential and talent of every makeup artist.

Or you can rely on modern technology. It provides an option to create so-called webfolio (learn how to make one here), which consists of content that shows all your skills. You can present it on your website or social networks, as well as on makeup fairs or competitions. Every event gathering makeup lovers is an excellent place to ‘show off’ and attract new clients. Be open to discuss your skills, work, products you use, and so on.

Go Online

The Internet provides many chances for promoting business, especially for beginners. Using social media, you can reach a diverse audience. But it’s not easy to attract their attention. You can post interactive content, in the form of vlogs or tutorials. Or you can have lives talking with your followers.

The continuity is essential. That way, you’ll show your followers and fans that you are reliable and professional. Many social networks have specific algorithms that are ‘pushing’ profiles that have a high level of activity. It is a perfect opportunity to reach new followers and potential clients. And the best thing is – it doesn’t have to cost you anything.

Be Professional

Being a professional makeup artist doesn’t mean that they always know and like their job, but that they work for money. Makeup is a kind of art; to do it right, people have to enjoy being creative with cosmetic products.

If you notice that your clients’ cheat-chats make you bored, it’s best to take a break from work. Go on vacation and rest your mind. Major benefit of freelancing is that you can (generally) work whenever it suits you but in agreement with clients.

Maybe you’ll remember why you even started with makeup job. When you find yourself again passionate about what you are doing, you will be ready to work with even the most demanding customers. Satisfied clients will praise you everywhere, which means more work, higher earnings, and more motivation and pleasure.

Some easy tricks on how to (again) love your job see on this page:

Until you find your place under the sun, you may have to do some things that you otherwise won’t, such as scheduling a makeup appointment early in the morning or late in the evening or postponing some private obligations because of work. Going over and beyond for clients will pay off once your clients start to recommend you.

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