Great Choices for the Perfect Massage Deals

The right massage is very soft and soothing. You can get a massage with a basalt stone warm and soaked in essential oil. It is a relaxing type massage. It is applied on strategic points. In its definition, massage is a set of mechanical treatments affecting the patient’s body through the body’s skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, etc. By using specific massage techniques, it is possible to exert influence on selected areas of the body with greater intensity so as to obtain the desired effects (e.g. slimming) stimulation of fat burning, sport faster regeneration, muscle stimulation before competitions, etc.).

Four hands massage

It is a massage that is done by two masseurs simultaneously. It is part of anti-stress massages. It is so relaxing and soothing.

Prenatal massage

It is naturally intended for pregnant women. It heals and relieves small ailments that bother women during pregnancy. This type of massage reduces stress and anxiety due to the discomfort caused by pregnancy. At the spa à Québec you can find the best options.

What are the different massage techniques?

To make a good massage, it is imperative to master the different techniques and their effects on the body.


It is the first technique used by the massage therapist. It is an approach to create contact between the person being massaged and the masseur. It prepares the body for the techniques to come and can be used after deep gestures (kneading). It is also convenient to finish a massage session gently. Specifically, the effleurage consists of a sliding of the hands laid flat. The hands exert a weak, slow but constant pressure. Heat your hands as needed to make your touch soft, pleasant and relaxing.


It is a fairly deep and firm technique. Its objective is to soften the skin and relax the muscles. With flat hands, knead the skin. Pull towards you with one hand and push it back with the other hand. The pressure must be strong but it must not be painful. The kneading is done on the fleshy parts of the body such as the shoulders, the bottom, the neck, the back …

The palpate-roll

This involves taking a fold of the skin between your thumbs, index and middle fingers and then rolling it by moving the thumbs in the direction you want. It is a movement that must be done slowly. It aims to stimulate the blood circulation, to evacuate the greasy masses and the waste. It is also an anticellulite massage technique.


Its main objective is to tone the muscles. It is an exercise applied at the end of the session to invigorate the body. With the edge of the hand, give repetitive shocks to the fleshy parts of the body. These bouncing shocks must be fast, secure and timely. It is important not to hit the muscles but only the fleshy parts.

Slide pressure

It is a technique widely used for massaging the whole body (from feet to head). It applies like the effleurage, but with a little stronger and sustained pressure. It aims to improve circulation and eliminate toxins stored in the muscles.

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