A machine that works as a timepiece

A watch is a machine that is intended to be worn on the wrist by a person. It is attached to the strap that helps to enclose the watch around the wrist. There are variety of watches in different shapes, sizes, and designs. However, they all are used for one purpose, i.e., to keep track of the time. Without a watch a person’s daily routine may become haphazard. The existence of watches has been for decades. But, with the passage of time they have evolved for better versions of the ancient watches. Today the watches are compact and stylish. Emporio Armani watches [นาฬิกา emporio Armani, which is the term in Thai] is one of the many watches that are used as a means of showing one’s status. It is one of the most important accessories used by person.

Features of wristwatch

  • It is one of the mechanical devices that is used as an accessory by both men and women. They are used for keeping track of the time.
  • Watches are available in a variety of shapes, designs, color and sizes.
  • The wrist watches are portable devices that can be carried at any place with ease.

Types of watches

  • Analog watch: Analog watches have a miniature display that shows 12 hours on display. It has a minute hand as well as an hour hand. Some of the analog watches have a second hand. The numbers displayed on the watch may be traditional or roman numbers.
  • Digital watch: In this type of watch, there is no hour hand, minute hand, or a second hand. The hour, minute and seconds are shown in digits.
  • Automatic watch: An automatic watch works due to the motion of the wearer’s wrist. These watches don’t need winding if they are worn every day.

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