9 Raw Crystal Pendants You Can Choose From Depending On Your Needs And Intentions

We live in a world where even the littlest of things can make us feel worrisome and stressed out. Day-to-day living is decked out with anxieties that cause us to lose focus and drain positive energy out of our mind and body. Thanks to meditative and healing devices and ornaments like raw crystal jewelry, we can fight troublesome thoughts and keep ourselves in the zone.

There are different types and styles of gemstones and healing crystals available in the market; each caters to a specific need or intention — do you want to earn more money? Bring more love to your life? Or perhaps make yourself feel safe and protected? If you are looking for the perfect crystal pendant for you, check these out:

Red coral pendant. There are times when we lose the passion we feel in our hearts. This pendant will help rekindle this desire to accomplish our goals in life. It also aids in tissue regeneration.

Rose quartz pendant. Recognized as the most nurturing among healing jewelry, this stone is patronized by people who want to cope up from heartbreak, self-pity, and resentment. It further promotes cardiovascular health.

Lemurian point pendant. Feeling spiritually lost? Let this Lemurian crystal act as a compass that will help you navigate the complexity of life. This ethereal-looking stone also transforms negative energy into a positive one.

Citrine heart pendant. Magnify your willpower using this heart-shaped healing crystal. It is also known for helping you clarify your thoughts and tap your creative side. This works best if you keep it close to your heart center.

Amethyst point pendant. Guard yourself against psychic attack by always keeping this pendant close to you. Apart from helping you move into higher consciousness, this will also invite pleasant dreams during your sleep.

Red and green jasper pendant. Don’t let insecurities bring you down. This captivating raw crystal jewelry has the power to stabilize your body and mindset and help you make a grandiose statement.

Labradorite point pendant. This Madagascar-hailing magical stone will help you connect with spiritual space. Having an existential crisis? Wear this one and see a fresh perspective on life.

Lapis lazuli heart pendant. Get access to your inner wisdom and unleash your creative side using this opaque blue-colored piece. This is essential for your all-important journey of awakening.

Ammonite pendant. If you want to drive away negative energy and take away heavy feelings for your mind and heart, this pendant will work for you. It also helps stimulate “chi” energy.

Things to Remember

When choosing the right raw crystal jewelry for you, decide on what your priority intention is first.

Upon identifying what you want to achieve, it’s now time to choose your gemstone. There are three ways how you can make use of this special jewelry piece: wearing, carrying it in your pocket, or placing it in your room or workspace.

If you want the crystal to create a long-lasting impact on your life, experts recommend to use it for around one month to 40 days.

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